The Sunloom fibre consists of 5000Denier Polyester-yarns inside and Polyvinyl-Chloride-coat outside.

So this is a fibre with unique feature: the spiral vein on the fibre surface which was made by our special extrusion technique. That is superior to the traditional vinyl wicker fibre and makes the furniture be more natural looking and with the elegant fine details.

With the futures for the outdoor environments and the furniture’s function demand:

  • Tenacity
  • water-proof
  • tear-resistance
  • wear-resistance
  • UV-resistance
  • Flexibility
  • smooth touch feeling

The Sunloom fibre is developed by “Sunroca Furniture Inc.” and the WAYTEX TEXTILE CO., LTD. WAYTEX TEXTILE CO.,LTD is the largest supplier of the vinyl-coated Polyester fabric industry in the world and has been produced the similar fabric for the garden furniture industry over more than 25years.

Basing on the professional and delicate hand-work we are able to create and produce many different  kinds of weaving-methods and –styles.