The “Sunroca” Loom-fiber is made from paper and stainless steel inside. The special kind of craft paper would be twisted with stainless steel wire, machine woven and nailed onto the aluminum frame, after being contour-shaped.

The combination of the two special materials begets the masterpiece of a cozy and yet firm nature, soft and smooth to the feel, without those unpleasant characteristics inherent in the Rattan or Wicker furniture which tends to wrap, snag, creak, or alas hook into one’s clothing. With due care, it becomes a heirloom generation after generation.

"Sunroca" loom furniture is designed to be a well-constructed combination of aluminum and Loom woven fabric. The frame and weave are oven-enameled with polyester lacquer for an agreeable and weather-resistant surface; it withstands rain, but should be stored in a dry place in winter.

Les Meubles Lloyd Loom, Lee J. Curtis Amand Colin, Paris 1992