So this is a fibre with unique feature: the spiral vein on the fibre surface which was made by our special extrusion technique. That is superior to the traditional vinyl wicker fibre and makes the furniture be more natural looking and with the elegan... more


The “Sunroca” Loom-fiber is made from paper and stainless steel inside. The special kind of craft paper would be twisted with stainless steel wire, machine woven and nailed onto the aluminum frame, after being contour-shaped.   more

Stainless Steel

Characters: * resistance to corrosion * prevention of the product contamination * resistance to oxidation * ease of fabrication * beauty of appearance * ease of cleaning * high strength with low weight * good strength and toug... more


There are several different glass can be offered as table top per customer’s different requirement: * Temper glass * white pale milk glass * Silk print glass * transparent glass more


Per request, the stone/granite table plate can be supplied with the designed tables. more